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About Us

LSQA Middle East Ltd.

We Support your Future


We are leaders

Creating a network of knowledge and international certification Management, and are known for our technical competence by the markets that are relevant to our clients.

Our Focus

We speak your language

  • We provide powerful tools for your company’s continuous improvement.
  • We are Objective and Transparent.
  • Practical, not theoretical.
  • Acknowledged and Independent.
  • We transfer technology in order to create value.
  • Constant updating on new models and innovations.


We are dedicated to business transformation

Oriented towards the systematic improvement of the organization’s performance by incorporating high added value into training and certification based on internationally acknowledged management systems.

LSQA Middle East Ltd.

We Support your Future


Want to know more?

7 Al Allowa’ Hussein Al Saeid Street, Remaya Square, Giza, Egypt

Go to LSQA Middle East Head Office

Managing Director
Eng. Sayed El-Giushy



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