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We are an international network that provides services

LSQA, has consolidated its long history and high specialization in the training of thousands of organizations and over 22,500 professionals.

as Quality Austria is full member of EOQ (the European Organization for Quality), NQI (National Quality Institute) and NTEC (National Training & Education Council)

With our team of international level trainers, we provide Training services and internationally recognized awards

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LSQA is global

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We are available in 23 country

1) Egypt    2) Morocco  3) Saudi Arabia  4) Sudan  5) Oman  6) Jordan  7) Lebanese   8) Tunisia  9) Kuwait  10) Arab Emirates
11) Bahrain  12) Uruguay 13) Brazil  14) Italia 15) Chile  16) Argentina 17) Serbia  18) México 19) Paraguay  20) Perú 21) Central America  22) Ecuador 23) Spain

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